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Child on the Road to Recovery after Traffic Accident

A five-year-old child was knocked down on Saturday afternoon while crossing Baymen Avenue in Belize City. The child was along with his dad, Brandon Alvarez who was getting a haircut. The child became restless and asked for money to purchase a bag of chips and while crossing the street, the unfortunate incident occurred.  Brandon Alvarez spoke to Love News about the incident.


“He just wanted chips so he went across the street and he did but when it was time to come back across the street the car, I don’t know if the car came out of nowhere but I just heard a bang because I was outside getting a haircut.”


“What time was this?”

Brandon Alvarez

“About three minutes to four. Right behind MCC near the little park. He got hit from the right side of the vehicle and ended up on the left side of the street, he probably flipped two times and fell. They hollered for me and I went for him and when I picked him up the young man took a long time to come out of his vehicle, he was probably shocked. So I told him to take me to the hospital.”

Alvarez recalled what happened when he arrived at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital with his son.


Brandon Alvarez

“They put him in the emergency and he got into a little- his eyes started fidgeting and he got an X-ray and CT scan.”


“So what are the doctors saying?”

Brandon Alvarez

“Well nothing, they are just watching the swelling in his head and around his eyes because the back of his head was swelling but it went down a little bit and so they told me to bring him back in two weeks’ time.”

Alvarez said that his son’s condition has improved so much so that the doctors have given him permission to take his son home. The family couldn’t be more thankful since the situation could have turned out much worse.