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Child Stimulation culminates with expo

The month of March is being celebrated as child stimulation month under the theme “Birth to Eight: Children Must Play!” and several activities were held during this month to commemorate the occasion. Today, the month of activities culminated with a National Expo.  Love News spoke with Nadera Ross, Education Officer about Child Stimulation Month.

Nadera Ross, Education Officer: “Definitely what we’ve achieved is more public awareness in terms of letting the public at large understand the importance of early childhood education and not only education but development as well.”

Reporter: In terms of the children that you engage what has it done for these children?

Nadera Ross, Education Officer: “Well the stimulation aspect for the children and it doesn’t only happen in the month of March, what we try to enforce is that stimulation happens every day and we encourage parents, we encourage teachers to work with the little ones. So in terms of what we have done for the young ones is to have them be a part of all of the stimulating activities that they can do which helps their development progress.”

Recently, there have been several acts of violence committed against our children.  Ross shared what the Ministry is doing to help parents keep their children safe.

Nadera Ross, Education Officer: “What we are doing is that we are moving as an intersectoral body. So we have on the horizon coming up a parenting curriculum which will deal with violence and we target parents and we want parents to know that here are different ways how we can address violence. Let the little ones not be fearful of things that happen but there are lots of things that we are doing in terms of each ministry bringing awareness to violence and letting parents and the public at large know how we can work together and ensure that we don’t let violence take over.”

Today’s expo included several performances by children.