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Child Stimulation Month: “Birth to Eight: Children Must Play!”

A short ceremony was held this morning at the Memorial Park officially declaring Child Stimulation Month open.  Thereafter, children from forty-three preschools marched through the principal streets of Belize City.   Child Stimulation Month is being celebrated under the theme “Birth to Eight: Children Must Play!” Love News spoke with Darlene Lozano, Education Officer about Child Stimulation Month.

Darlene Lozano – Education Officer

“Early childhood is an important stage in education, it is that time when our brains develop rapidly and this is an extremely important time for children to learn and at this stage they learn through play. The playing strategy is the advocated strategy for preschools, in education we need to do a foundation and the foundation will start from birth from the education that we offer our children as parents which will continue through the formal school years. We needed an awareness to encourage more parents to enroll their children in Early Childhood institution. We need awareness for parents to understand what Early Childhood is about, Early Childhood is about socialization, it’s about developing their pre-skills in literacy, numeracy, it’s for them to get all the skills necessary to become a successful learner in primary school and we want to create lifelong learners so we have to start from early, building that foundation, cementing that and nurturing our students to become successful learners.”

Lozano stressed that from birth to eight is a very critical time in a child’s life and parents must use this time to stimulate children so that they can go on to perform well academically. Other activities planned for this month include the Festival of Arts, the storytelling competition, and the National Expo.