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Child Who Ate Insecticide Laced Bread In Stable Condition

Tonight we start our newscast with good news- the two-year-old girl who ingested Lannate pesticide is in a stable condition and out of any life-threatening situation. The nation gasped when news broke that Melanie Santos was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital and later transferred to the KHMH in Belize City after she ate bread soaked with the pesticide. Her father, 42-year-old Orlando, told police that he had soaked bread with the pesticide to attract and kill rats. He placed the bread on the bedhead but last night, Melanie somehow made her way to the bread and began eating it. She was rushed to the hospital for urgent care. She remains tonight at the KHMH. Internist, Doctor Fernando Cuellar explained to Love News what happened immediately after the child consumed the poison. 

Dr.Fernando Cuellar, Internist: “What we’ve heard over the past two days about the rat poisoning of the child is yes we know it as rat poison and what it does to the human body it would make the human body bleed out because it has in an ingredient that blocks the formation of blood clots so if you can’t form a clot you tend to bleed out at different parts of your body; from your gastrointestinal system to your respiratory system to all over the body that’s the same mechanism it kills the rat but of course given to humans it can do the same thing. So these practices that you heard about it being placed in bread and so forth, it’s unfortunate a common practice and it’s necessary that we remind parents to be careful when it comes to these things. You can’t do those things and have children around. When there is suspicion of a poisoning or when there is a blatantly observed poisoning it’s a frightening moment I suspect for a parent but we should always try to remain calm and sometimes we end up doing things that we’re not supposed to do like one of the common practice is to push your finger down the child’s throat and provoke vomiting which isn’t the best thing to do because you can actually cause more hurt by doing that. Like for example kerosene doesn’t only mess up your stomach but the fumes from it can also affect your lungs and cause a lung inflammation or pneumonitis so the best thing to do is try to get them as quick as possible to your nearest health facility and there they will know what to do. If you get there in a certain amount of time like within four hours they could undergo what is called a gastric lavage or wash out your stomach as you would call it. As bad as it might sound the rat poison there’s actually a very common antidote that is available all over the country the Vitamin K so I’m pretty much sure that is being done as we speak when it comes to treating this child.”