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Children participate in art camp

Paul Mahung reporting…

“Over 80 children completed an art camp held in Punta Gorda. The camp coordinator from Punta Gorda was Faye Arnold.
Faye Arnold – Camp coordinator
“We have this art camp starting the tenth to the fourteenth of this week; today is the last day. We have children ages four right through to twelve. We had like eighty two children attending this summer art camp. It was fun. The objective of the art camp is to keep children busy, active, learning through arts and help them to be off the streets during the summer. We usually team up with a team of twelve; some from here in Belize and a few out from St. Louis Missouri.We do hands-on activity, arts like painting, weaving, we did decorating of umbrellas with the Art logo on it. We also did painting; dot painting using q tips, and lots of other activity that the children had fun doing.”
Arnold was also assisted by a team of Belizean teachers of Punta Gorda. Leader of the team of facilitators from St. Louis Missouri was Julie Cootnart

Julie Cootnart – Assistant
“Every year we come down with a team of facilitators and I work with the teachers here and with teacher Faye. We bring down project ideas and supplies and the children do different projects everyday. We have been coming; this is our sixth year of Art Camp. I started it when my family and I were living here and the children were looking for more art and more things to do in the summer and they love it so much that we come back every year and they get very excited about it and they look forward to us every year. The children have been very excited. We love asking them what their favorite projects are and they come every day and they love bringing home projects for their parents. I love it when I go around town and see their projects are hanging up and the children are using things that they made.”