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Children being taught entrepreneurial skills

The Girl Guides Association of Belize, Scouts, and St. Ignatius Primary School are collaborating together to provide a summer camp for children from ages six to thirteen of the Mesopotamia constituency. The Mesopotamia Summer Camp is a three-week program which commenced on July 9th and will be coming to an end on Friday. Love News spoke with Zenaida Moya, the President of the Girl Guides Association of Belize about the activities the children are participating in.

Zenaida Moya – President of the Girl Guides Association of Belize: They’re learning Bible Study, how to plant, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, ;they can choose two out of Volleyball or Basketball and then out of Football and running. When these children are complete they will be graduating at St. Ignatius Church at the Children’s Mass on Sunday. When they graduate, they will go straight into being either a Brownie or a Girl Guide or a Cub Scout.

Jonelle Mckenzie: What do you want the children to take away from this event?

Zenaida Moya: I want them to take away that school ought not to be an in life, it ought not to be just about oh when I finish school I will try get a job. I don’t want them to try and get any job, I hope they don’t try to get any job. I want them to say you know what when I grow up and from now on I am already putting myself to task to do it. I will own my own business.

Today, the children got firsthand experience to be an entrepreneur by having a mini fair where they got to sell their products.