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Children’s Day

Today is International Children’s Day which was established by the United Nations over fifty years ago in the hopes of making the world a better place for children. Additionally, twenty-nine years ago to date the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN General Assembly. Denise Robateau, Early Childhood Development and Education Officer at UNICEF told Love News that the advocacy and campaigns done on their behalf, has resulted in children being empowered.

Denise Robateau – Early Childhood Development and Education Officer at UNICEFDenise Robateau: “Students are more a part of the whole structure, they are involved, their voices are being heard, the training and the pedagogy of teachers have changed with becoming more child centered. Then we have the community for example, we have sustainable child friendly municipalities and when you hear that you hear child there in the middle. A municipality can be child friendly and what does that mean? And that’s for municipalities to look at, there are children advisory boards for example within the child friendly municipalities who are advocating for child friendly policies, for child friendly spaces for example and who are just making their voices being heard. Recently Unicef along with major partners and stakeholders have launched the U report platform where children and adolescent can report on what is happening around them using a simple sms. These are just some of the activities, some of the projects with putting the child first and which helps to just emphasize the work that we are doing along with our partners and it helps to empathize the good mile stones given the signing and the convention of the rights of the child.”

Robateau noted that in our society we are seeing an increase in violence against children. In light of this, those who advocate for children have been working relentlessly to end violence against children.