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Childrens’ Day Celebrated in Belize

Today is being celebrated as Children’s Day and in many schools around the country, the children are being recognized and treated extra special via different programs.  In our Morning Show today, there was a segment with Kyle Miller of the National Committee for Families and Children, NCFC that spoke of children and the various ways they are looked after via the NCFC, which as an advisory body to the Government of Belize.


“Today is international Children’s Day so I would want to start off by wishing all children a happy children’s day and I hope you guys enjoy your day today. Normally each school enjoys their own little activities going on for this day. This year NCFC we have our theme which is highlighting children with diverse abilities and so we had decided to do a special day for the kids at Stella Maris so that is what is going on today starting off today at 9am with a small opening ceremony followed by different games, face painting, a picture booth , we have a little area where they can just go and get popcorn and we have some sporting activities for them. Also we are going to feed them in the afternoon. Right after that we teamed up with Special Olympics and so they are going to do something that is called Unified Sports whereby they have kids with special abilities along with kids who don’t have and they are going to team up and play. We have a lot of things planned for the kids today. Although like I mentioned before that most primary schools and even some high schools because I know Palotti called me and SCA said they were going to do some stuff as well to really encourage them to go all out on this day for kids. For children’s day we also encourage the school to really put aside some money on a budget to do something really entertaining for the kids.


In most schools today, the children are allowed to dress in casual clothing as opposed to uniforms and are having special programs ranging from school fairs or a fun day including games, movies and other form of children entertainment.  Childrens’ Day came about in 1954 and is officially dubbed, the United Nations’ (UN) Universal Children’s Day, geared at promoting international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide.