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Children’s Day

Today, schools across the country are commemorating children’s day, even though, the actual day is November 20. The theme for this year’s Children’s Day is ‘Children of today, our keepers of tomorrow’.This initiative was started by UNICEF.  Michel Guinand, Social Policy Specialist at UNICEF tells us more.

Michel Guinand -UNICEF

“Children’s Day was established to commemorate the adoption of the convention on the rights of the child which was adopted in 1989 and so each day the World Children’s Day is commemorating the adoption of that convention. That’s important because in that international binding document which Belize is a part of it says that basically, the children have rights; they are rights holders and so there are a number of rights that the states are obliged to promote and to make sure that they are fulfilled  on the basis of health, education, participation and so on.”

We spoke with Karema Oshon – Principal of Stella Maris who shared with Love News the activities they have put together for their students.

Karema Oshon – Principal

“We have a packed agenda for them today the teachers are going to perform as well as administrators so I’m going to do my thing for them in a short while and we have other entertainers coming to share with them as well for the day. We have Ernestine Carballo and many others. We appreciate them but we are appreciative that they decided to set aside a day for us to showcase them. We really didn’t take the route that UNICEF had wanted us to take because we recognize that we have been utilizing them all year long to showcase themselves so we wanted to give them a break on their special day.”

The San Cas Group was also on hand to celebrate with the children of Stella Maris on their special day.