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Chilling Home Invasion Out West

A woman was assaulted inside her home early this morning in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District. Reports reaching our newsroom say that sometime between two and three o’clock this morning the victim was at home with her children when she heard a knock on her front door. Our Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz spoke with her for an account of what transpired.

Victim: “Last night at around 2am I heard noise through the window and I came out to peep then I came closer because it was kinda dark. When I came closer I saw this guy pointing a gun at me. I threw myself down and then I remembered about my daughter and that made me run into the room. When I ran into the room they broke the first door then when I was in the room I got my phone and I tried to call the police and then they came into the room so I couldn’t go through with that call. I locked my phone and then after that they asked me to unlock it because just to make sure I didn’t make that call. After that they asked for cash, they were asking me for the money, the tall guy. The short guy he took me into the next room and he said that I will get raped “This is the night that you will get raped.” So he insisted in that and that moment they brought me down to the shop, they made me open the shop at gunpoint and they stole my mom’s money also, her laptop, a pack of cigarettes, jewelry.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: So they left upstairs and came downstairs where your mom was.

Victim: “She was in the room but she hailed me by name and then I told her I just came for water and then she still came out and they pointed at her with guns also but she is kind of blind so she didn’t even see them. Then they took two of us to her room and then this guy insisted that he will rape me.”
Love News understands that the men then proceeded to ransack the house, taking an undisclosed amount of money and some household items.”