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Chinese Association Hosts ICJ Education

On Sunday the Belize Chinese Association held its first consultation and history lesson about Guatemala’s unfounded claim on Belize. They were treated to a history of Belize that brought them up to speed on the April 10 referendum. The consultation took place at the Princess Ramada Cinema for about 145 Chinese as well as Taiwanese Belizeans. Part of the session was in English and it was also translated by Johnston Ou, the Chairman, Belize Chinese Association who told us it was quite informative.

Johnston Ou Chairman, Belize Chinese Association: “It was an educational meeting and we just let the Chinese community know what the ICJ is about and so they have a better idea to make their decision when the date comes. That is basically about it. This one is hard, it is up to them. We try our best to let them understand what the ICJ is about and like I said the decision is up to them. We can’t really do much about it because everybody is independent, they are on their  own. I think right now is not a good time to let out my personal view because I think it might influence the others so I will keep it to myself. Everybody is an individual, they have their own mind. They have their own experience and their own point of view so at the end of the day it is up to themselves. As a Belizean this is their duty and it is an opportunity to exercise their rights and we do encourage them no matter what decision that they want to make we do encourage them to come out and support this ICJ no matter what.”

Belizeans have until Tuesday, March 12 to register to participate in the April 10, referendum.

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