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Chinese business woman targeted by robbers

Shortly before six o’clock on Wednesday evening, a Chinese business woman was robbed of thousands of dollars at Golden Bay, shortly after she finished her collections at businesses in the Tourism Village. ASP Cowo says the woman also sustained a minor injury.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head, CIB Belize City

“She was inside of the Golden Bay compound about to exit her vehicle when a male person approached her, grab her bag that she had with her. The female person is Mr. Wong Chow, a Chinese business woman. She informed the police that she had been robbed of about ten thousand dollars US currency, that was of the day sales that she collected from the different stalls of the Tourism Village. She had gone to the Golden Bay to do her daily routine and whilst exiting from her vehicle a male person approach her and had a fight with her for the bag and as a result she fought the male person however the person pull out a fire arm and hit her on the head causing her to receive a small injury to the head. The male person then got a hold of the bag and ran towards the Marine Parade and got in a vehicle and drove off.”

There is no surveillance camera in the area, and while there were security guards at the store, police say they were inside the building at the time of the robbery.  ASP Cowo says they are looking at whether the victim was being watched before she was attacked. Police are looking for one suspect.