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Chinese Man ordered to leave Belize

Forty-five-year-old Chinese national Yuanran Zheng, was given the order to leave the country last week which, he did. Zheng is the man who was caught attempting to obtain a Social Security Card using a phony nationality certificate. He was arrested, charged and later arraigned in  Belmopan Magistrate court for the crimes of uttering upon a forged document and forgery. He pled guilty and was fined a total of one thousand eight hundred dollars. Zheng had no issues with the Order To Leave as he was fully prepared to do so. Zheng flew to Canada instead of through the US and that because he probably wanted to avoid any encounters with US Law enforcement agencies again. Two years ago Zheng was arrested in Virginia, on one misdemeanor count of fleeing in a vehicle and a fugitive from justice warrant. Police set chase after him to Clarke County, Virginia. Zheng was later arraigned and was being held at Eastern Regional Jail on the fugitive from justice warrant before meeting bail.