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Cristo Rey villager chopped and killed during domestic dispute

At almost the same time as the BTL Park murder, at minutes to midnight, in the western section of the country, another murder occurred. Cayo police responded to a murder on a farm in Cristo Rey Village in the Cayo District. When officers arrived at the scene, they found Dimas Gregorio Choc lying face up with multiple chop wounds to his body. The officer in charge of CIB, Alejandro Cowo shared additional details on the murder.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: San Ignacio Police visited a Farm in Cristo Rey Village where they observed outside of the farm a male person with several apparent chop wounds to the body. He had chop wounds to both hands, to the head and to the back. The male person was identified as Demas Gregorio Chuck a Guatemalan National. The information that the police received at the moment from the other females that were there was that Mr. Chuck had a dispute with one Filiberto Ixche who also resides on that same farm and as a result Mr. Ixche inflicted the multiple chop wounds to Mr. Chuck’s body who caused him to die instantly on the farm. Police have since been looking for Filiberto Ixche who we suspect to have absconded  to the neighboring country of Guatemala. We understand that it was a dispute amongst them where one was accusing the other of having a relationship with his common-law wife.”

The police believe the suspect had fled back to Guatemala.