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Choice Bank case goes to Case Management

Choice Bank’s license was revoked by the Central Bank of Belize. Choice Bank is suing the Central Bank. Choice Bank’s claim against the Government of Belize and Central Bank went to case management today. Eamon Courtenay who represented Choice Bank explained what happened during the case management session that went before Justice Courtenay Abel.

Eamon Courtenay Attorney: “The Central Bank applied to stay the proceedings because they said that we had appealed to the Appeal board and that we should wait the outcome of the Appeal Board decisions. We post that application and the Judge ruled in our favor and said that he will proceed in making directions. Usual Directions  for the case have been made and we are to file our affidavits and disclosure during December and January and then we come back to the Court in January for the Court to make further determinations. So far the revocation of the license of Bank is a very important matter and should be dealt with urgently and so he wanted us to proceed as quickly as we could to bring the case of readiness to trial. If the Appeal Court rules in one way that it may have effect on the trial. If it rules in another way it may also have an effect but there will still be a trial regardless of what the Appeal Board rules and so he thought he should make the case management decisions in order to expedite the trial.”

The Choice Bank case goes back to court in January.