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Chon Saan Delivery Man killed while on the job

A deliveryman was killed while on duty on Friday night. Daniel Lopez was working for Chon Saan Palace when he received an order that took him in the vicinity of George Street. At 11:30 p.m. while at the corner of George Street and Basra Street, a man approached him and fired numerous shots at him. He was hit and died on the spot. Lopez was 25 years old and the father of three girls.

Jose Sanchez: “A father of three, Daniel Lopez was killed after he made a delivery for Chon Saan Restaurant in the George Street area. It could have been any of the delivery persons, according to Lee Mark Chang, Lopez’s employer.”

Jose Sanchez: The rotation for the night could it have been anyone taking deliveries to Basra and George?

Lee Mark Chang: “It could have been any one of the deliveries. We were closing out and that was one of our last deliveries. We go by turns here so it’s very random in terms of people choosing their delivery person; maybe they might know them but it is very random in terms of the delivery. “

Jose Sanchez:So it could have been anyone you think?.”

Lee Mark Chang:“It could have been anyone, anyone of my drivers that were closing up.”

Reporter: Nothing was stolen? “

Lee Mark Chang: “As far as I am concerned nothing was stolen. All the delivery money was there, his cellphone was there, the bike was there, everything was there; nothing was stolen from him as far as I am concerned.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Third murder for the day happened just about 11:30 PM. Police were called out to the corner of Basra St. and George St. where they observed a male person who was identified as Daniel Lopez lying on the right hand side of his body just beside his motorcycle. He is a delivery man for Chon Saan and is a resident of #1 53 Antelope St. extension. What Police has gathered so far is that just minutes before his death he was called to do a delivery at George St. He had just done his delivery and he was about to ride off when he was attacked by a male person who fired several shot at his direction causing the fatal injuries.”

Jose Sanchez: “You also have a seat where you have the ear of Cabinet for example. As business owner, someone who saw a father of three beautiful daughters gunned down what do you say now when you speak to the members of your party and cabinet?”

Mark Lee Chang: “Number one I will say you know what we need better forensics, we need better prosecution. That’s the main things we are slipping down in Belize:  the forensics and the prosecution and of course the witness because sometimes the witness don’t get protected and they are are scared for their lives too.”

Reporter:  “How long has he been working here?”

Mark Lee Chang: “Dan has been working here for a couple years. Very outstanding worker; comes to work ontime. Makes his money, goes home, doesn’t give any trouble so I don’t see why they would shoot and innocent bystander. “

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “On Sunday Police arrest and charged one Donavan Mcfoy of #100 George St. for the crime of murder for Daniel Lopez.”

Jose Sanchez: “A quick arrest was made but will it lead to conviction? Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

Police arrested and charged 32-year-old Shane Danavon Mcfoy, a George Street resident for the murder.