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Chopping victim is shot several times in Belize City but survives

An early night shooting on Wednesday in Belize City has left Michael Tesecum hospitalized. The 41-year old was walking on Tibruce Street shortly after seven o’clock when he was shot several times. Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo says that the department has not uncovered a motive for the attack on Tesecum.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB: “Just after 7:30 police also received information of several shots fired in the Tibruce street area and as a result police visited the hospital where they observed Michael Tesecum with three apparent gunshots wounds to the body. He was treated and taken into surgery immediately because of the extent of the injuries that he had received. Fortunately he was admitted and right now he is in a stable condition. What we understand is that Mr.Tesecum was walking on the street when he was just approached by someone who fired shots at his direction which caused the injuries to him. He is not in a position to be speaking right now because he is in intensive care even though he is stable but he has no communication with anyone up to now.”
Reporter: Is it thought by investigators that something in the past may have triggered this recent attempt on his life?
ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB: “I know that sometime ago he had an altercation where he had received an injury to his head, the person was charged for that crime that was committed against him but there is nothing that is indicating to us that that is part of what took place last night. We understand that he had some misunderstanding with some family members last night and that might have triggered what happened to him but that is one of the angles that we are looking at at this moment.”

The Police have also recovered several nine millimeter expended shells from the scene. In December, 2017 Tesecum was the victim of a chopping incident at the hands of a co-worker.  He was chopped twice in the head and lost an eye. His family says he has not fully recovered from that attack and now has additional injuries to survive. The investigating officers say that their investigation do not indicate any links between the incidents. However, they are following all possible leads. Tesecum’s family declined comment on why anyone would want to shoot him.