Christian Workers Union Elects New President

Christian Workers Union Elects New President

The Christian Workers Union (CWU) has a new president, and her name is Leonora Flowers. The 60-year-old was elected by a significant margin during the union’s annual general meeting this weekend. Flowers, a long-serving union member, will be guided by past president, Evan Mose Hyde, who takes the newly established post of Special Advisor. The post was established after the CWU took on an amendment to its constitution to ensure a smooth transition in leadership. Today, Flowers weighed in on her victory and spoke about the current plight of the stevedores, whom the CWU represents. Flowers says that she feels confident in being able to lead the union in the right direction despite the challenges being faced by its members. 

Leonora Flowers, President, CWU: “I’ve been a union member all my work life and I’ve seen injustices in the work place, I’ve seen injustices all over the country and I have always been that person who took up the challenge to assist and fight for let me say the underdogs or the person who is aggrieved. So it wasn’t a challenge for me in later years at Social Security to join the Chief to put up my name for the Chief when I was needed and I was successful and it has been a good run. I’ve been on the side of the challenged and we have had some feisty union interactions at Social Security Board and I would say that that has paved the way for me to put my feet out there to take it further, a next level in this Belizean scene. Like all new roles it will be a challenge but I’m up to it. I have supporters, I have the members who are backing me, I’m not in it alone, never. I am going to be doing what my members want. The CWU has several different units, we have CBAs that have been outstanding for many many years and we’re gonna working on those to get those completed but it’s what our members want.”

While Flowers was unable to provide details on the union’s current talks with the PBL, she state that she is committed to defending the rights of the union’s members and the resolve varying Collective Bargaining Agreements. 

Leonora Flowers, President, CWU: “CWU is taking it on and as the new president I’m taking it on as well along with all the stevedores and along with all the other units that we have. There is no backing down on seeking justice for all our members no matter who it is. Other units are I would say at the moment less contentious but still there are at least five CBAs that have been outstanding, there are some people whose CBAs have not been discussed and those are very much concerning to the board at the moment so we’re gonna tackle those pretty shortly. I would like to give thanks to every member who supported. Give thanks to the members who continue to support the CWU they know we’re at a juncture where we are gonna be taking on a huge task. There is no fear, we are gonna do this. This is still Belize and we are Belizeans. This is for the future of our children.”

According to the union, Hyde’s continuous input will provide continuity when dealing with the current issues including the talks with the Port of Belize Limited.  For the presidency seat, Flowers went up against Marlon Middleton. In accepting her new role in the union, Flowers noted that with the confidence and support of her fellow officers, they will accomplish a lot. /

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