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Christmas Tree Destroyed by Fire …. Arson or Accident?

On Saturday night, Orange Walk Town’s Christmas tree which was located in Central Park caught on fire. Following the incident, Mayor Kevin Bernard, had the strong belief that the tree was set on fire by two adults. Over the weekend, Bernard said he would be making an official police report to Orange Walk Police to quote,” get those responsible to pay for their deeds”. End of quote. We called Orange Walk Police this evening and we were told that no report has been made so far. Fire officials in Orange Walk say they have not figured out what caused the fire but they were told by police that it may be fire crackers. Bernard is appealing to the community to rebuild the Christmas tree by pooling resources together.  Meanwhile in Succotz Village, the village’s Christmas tree was vandalized over the weekend. The Christmas tree there was taken down and the ornaments were destroyed. Police is looking into the matter.