Christmas Tree Lighting in Belize City: Council and Coca Cola Kick Off Festive Season

Christmas Tree Lighting in Belize City: Council and Coca Cola Kick Off Festive Season

The Belize City Council and Coca Cola is kicking off the Christmas season with the lighting of the Belize City Christmas tree. The 60 feet tree will be lit at Battlefield Park on Albert Street. Communications Manager for The Belize City Council, Erin Garnett and Coca Cola Brand Coordinator Miguel Martinez spoke were on Love’s Morning Show to talk about what residents can expect during the festive event. 

Erin Garnett, Communications Manager: “Christmas is kind of what we od. I know we’re definitely going to be at the Love Christmas Parade. We’re gonna be there and Cocoa Cola is going to be there so we’re really much looking forward to that but before we get to the Christmas Parade we do have a couple things coming up. We’re kicking off the entire season tomorrow night at 7PM down town Belize City at the Official Belize City Christmas Tree Lighting. The Belize City Council and Coca Cola have been partnering on this for so many years now and we just want to continue this good thing right ? And so that’s the plan for tomorrow 7PM downtown Belize City. We have so much going on. We’re not just lighting one tree but two trees. It’s the biggest tree in the country so far and then Coca Cola also has a new tree this year so we’re very excited. We have so much going on. Of course we’re lighting the two Christmas trees downtown. We also have an amazing Christmas Kids Zone. We have free Coca Cola, free cupcakes, free face painting, Christmas designs obviously and so we know this is something the kiddies look forward to every Christmas season and I know their itching and their ready so we’re always excited to put it together for them. I know we have a few Rum Popo for the adults as well so we have live entertainment.”

We have the live entertainment. We have Denise Castillo, we have Marlyn Vansen, we have the Kings Park Church of Nazarene.

Erin Garnett, Communications Manager: “Because you know we cannot forget the reason for the season so we need to get that spirituality in there as well.”

We’re also doing some giveaways as well too. We’ll be doing some gift certificates, some beers, some soft drinks as well so it’s the season to give back and so you know we’re looking forward for everyone bring out the family, bring out the kids and have a good time 7-9.

Erin Garnett, Communications Manager: “We were also working on a surprise display in Digi Park this year. Usually Digi Park only has some luminosity around the stumps but this year we’re going to be doing a surprise in Battlefield Park and Digi Park so we’re going to be adding that to our entry this year. So the plan is for tomorrow night when these two trees are lit, our Battlefield Park display is lit and the Digi Park display is lit so we’re really looking forward to that.”

Erin added that while the Belize City Council is excited to beautify the country for the Christmas season, it is also important for residents not to tamper with the decorations and lights.   

Erin Garnett, Communications Manager: “I do want to put out there just because we have done so many beautification efforts and Christmas efforts. We’ve lit the overpass, we lit different places of the city and we do have an issue where people are enjoying it so much but there are a few who try to vandalize these efforts, break the lights, cut the lights and it’s becoming very difficult to maintain these things. We really want to ask our residents and visitors this year to please help us take care of these things that way we can save them and have them for next year and have another amazing Christmas with these items right ? So we just want to make sure everybody has the chance to enjoy it.”

Other holiday events include a coca cola kitchen upgrade competition, Christmas in the park expo, and of course Love FM’s spirit of Christmas competition and the annual Christmas parade on December 16.

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