Christmas Weekend Crime Spree: Shots Fired in Lord’s Bank Area, SUV Riddled with Bullets

Christmas Weekend Crime Spree: Shots Fired in Lord’s Bank Area, SUV Riddled with Bullets

The Christmas weekend saw a series of crimes unfold across the country. In the early hours of Christmas Eve, shots rang out in the Lord’s Bank area on Edwin Parks Avenue.  No one was injured in this case, but an SUV was riddled with bullets.  According to 55-year-old, Burt Ramos, he was asleep when the sounds of gunshot woke him up.  He looked around, and found his Nissan Frontier with multiple gunshot holes.

Burt Ramos, Lord’s Bank Resident: “At about 3:45 I was sleeping and I just heard the amount of bullets and when I got up, walked into the hall and I went back to lay down because I thought it was fireworks or somebody you know. I knew it was gunshots but I said maybe it was somebody just going off. And so when I woke up again its because I looked on the camera and saw the police mobile at my gate and when I saw the police mobile at my gate I decided to come out and open the door and when I came out they asked me if I knew that my vehicle was shot up. I said “no.” and so when I came out and I checked my vehicle had three bullet holes and the neighbors came out and said that they heard bullets on the next house too they heard knocking on the next house too. So when I checked on the next house I saw the bullet holes on the house and a bullet stuck in a 2×4 in the upstairs house and when I checked my house good I saw on the wall had a bullet hole. Well not a bullet hole because it didn’t go through but it had the dent from the bullet.”

Love News understands that Ramos’ house, near the front door, also bore a bullet hole within the concrete wall.  According to Ramos, he is clueless as to why or who would target his home and vehicle.

Burt Ramos, Lord’s Bank Resident:  “I don’t know who would want to shoot my vehicle or my house because I don’t have any enemy like that. I don’t have anybody that I have had any hard talk with or anything like that. I don’t have friends, my friends are my cows, horses, donkey and dogs those are my friends. I don’t have any friends. I don’t even hang out. So I don’t really know what caused that to happen. So right now all I am doing is leaving it into hands of the police. But I can definitely tell you that cameras are all about so while I was asleep the cameras weren’t sleeping. If the police really want to find out who did it they could find out. The police can find out. If they want to find out they can find out. So it’s in their hands now if they want to put a stop to it understand ?”

Police found as many as nine expended nine-millimeter shells at the scene.  Ramos placed a value of his SUV at fifty four thousand dollars.

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