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Christopher continues to be harassed by police says Director of the Love Foundation

Tonight, the Managing Director of the Love Foundation is speaking out against what she says is blatant police harassment of one of the members of Empowering Communities to Empower Themselves program. That man is Christopher Hyde whose father, Benjamin Hyde Sr., was gunned down on Father’s Day. The senior Hyde’s death is believed to be the result of gang warfare between Rocky Road Bloods and George Street Gang. However, Hyde has refuted that claim and says there is no current street beef between the factions and no retaliation will follow. Today, Deborah Sewell spoke about the constant police harassment that Hyde has been enduring. 

According to Sewell, when Hyde inquired why his home was being searched the officers informed him that it was under the direction of the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams. Sewell stated that for some time now she has been trying to have an audience with the Compol, his Deputy Dr. Richard Rosado, and the Police Minister Kareem Musa, but her efforts have been to no avail. She says that the reformed gang members, who are a part of the US Embassy-funded program, have been making strides in trying to change their lives and their community through positive initiatives.

Sewell also explained that key figures within the George Street area have reached out to her to express their discontent in the killing of Hyde’s father and have pledged for peace to prevail.