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Chuc’s Exclusion from FFB May Lead to Less Monies

Sergio Chuc told the media yesterday that he learned of the allegations made against the day when his nomination was denied. He fears that because of these allegations he will not be able to serve on the Executive of the Football Federation of Belize. So if Chuc no longer forms part of the FFB Executive does that mean that his financial support will be absent?


Maybe a slight financial effect but football wise and I am more looking at the football aspect of it, football will continue playing, its playing all over the world there is a passion for it and Belize is no exception and by one person not being there football will definitely not stop playing. The financial aspect of it is the connections that I bring maybe will dwindle down a bit since I’m not intimately involved. I personally will continue to support the youth teams there is an academy in Cayo who I have been supporting for several years now and they’ve been travelling to Mexico and Guatemala and I honestly believe the only way we will improve our game is if we support these youths in a structured manner, my support will continue there.”

Chuc’s bid for the presidency was not the only one which was denied. Applications submitted by Anthony Mahler and Cruz Gamez were also denied by the electoral committee. From Chuc’s understandings, the men’s applications were denied because they both had the same person nominating them.