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Church-goers observe Ash Wednesday

Many church-goers are receiving ashes today in observance of Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lenten season, leading up to Easter. Love News spoke with Bishop Philip Wright of the Anglican Diocese, who said that during this season the church is encouraging members of their congregation to fast and pray, especially for national issues.

Bishop Philip Wright Anglican Diocese of Belize: “When the ashes is placed on your forehead the words remember you are dust and to dust to you shall return as said. I think part of the message that the church is trying to communicate is that we have this life to live and while we have this life to live we really ought to make the best use of it by being the best people we can be and by doing the best work we can do. Year after the year the church has challenged the faithful to take advantage of the season of length to do some introspection, to do some reflection, to try and improve their relationship with God and with each other and hopefully at the end of the period to emerge as we would say better disciples of Jesus more empowered to change the world.”

The Lenten season ends on Thursday, April 18.