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Church Leaders in the Capital Have Different Views on the Jab

However, the division is rife among some leaders of some churches and it has to do with the COVID-19 vaccines. While some are encouraging their followers to take the jab, others are telling their faithful not to get vaccinated. It’s causing an escalating rift between leaders tonight. Belmopan Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: The church is not united in its position on the COVID-19 vaccination. Some pastors are telling their congregations not to be vaccinated while other pastors are encouraging theirs to go get the jab. The confusion is playing out for all to see and today we heard from a few pastors and church members on what is becoming a great divide for the church. 

“My name is Ernesto Lewis I’m just encouraging the church. Who is the church ? You an I, Ernesto and Mr.Cruz. Why should we fight ? I mean it’s a personal decision you do whatever you want with your body I mean this is the temple of the Holy Ghost so I just advise you if you want to get your vaccine take it, if you don’t then just don’t take it. I mean to me I don’t see any reason why we should be fighting each other.”

“My name is Isidro Bol from Roaring Creek. One of the elders of Seven Day Adventist Church. Concerning this vaccination even us as leaders had a lot of questions concerning the vaccine, why is it being pushed so fast? Why is it that certain period of time this vaccine came to the nation why countries pushing it ? Those are questions.”

“My name is Kerm Thimbrel you know I see a division in the country and around the world about this vaccine whether we should vax or not. I believe we need to respect each other’s view and position. To me there is a strength behind both sides of the argument. The way people bring it across. I don’t think it’s going to create a solution. We need to respect each other.”

“My name is Pastor Irvin Thimbrel. We have advised our members who have come to us and asked us about the vaccine that they need to educate themselves and then they make a decision based on what they’ve come to learn.”

“Ernesto Mendoza, Senior Elder, Gospel of the Kingdom Ministries in Camalote. Our perspective on the vaccine well for me I have taken my vaccine already as well and most of our members have taken their vaccine. We don’t have anything against the vaccine.”

Mario Silva, Pastor: “My name is Pastor Mario Silva, I am the pastor of the Abundant Life Church here in Belmopan City and my take on the COVID-19 vaccine is that what I would say to my congregation is that I respect each individual’s choice and decision. I believe that it is a personal decision, I do not get behind the pulpit and even speak about the vaccine to want to say for the pros or to the cons.”

Richard Smith, Resident: “Richard Smith here. I look at this whole overview of the vaccine versus not to vaccine I am not against who wants to vaccine. I am not for vaccine, I don’t want the vaccine. I’m not ready for vaccine because there are more questions than answers. Until we can get better answers then we can go forth.”