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Church Leaders Issue Public Statements Urging their Congregants to get the Jab

Several church leaders have emerged issuing public statements in support of the Covid-19 vaccine. A recorded message from the more popular denominations took part in the message including Bishop Philip Wright of the Anglican Church; Bishop Moses Benguche of the Methodist Church and Bishop Larry Nicascio of the Catholic Church. The religious leaders are basically calling for citizens to act in selflessness.

Rt.Rev Philip Wright, Anglican Diocese: “The COVID19 pandemic is robbing us of our livelihoods, our family members, our freedoms, our sense of security and the social fabric that is critical to the wellbeing and progress of our communities and society. We long for a return to a sense of normalcy but that is only possible if we each do our part to reverse the present trends and arrest this crisis.”

Bishop Moes Benguche, Methodist Church: “The tenets of our faith as Christians admonish us to demonstrate our love for God by loving each other in the manner we desire to be loved, respected and cared for as demonstrated in Matthew Chapter 22 verse 37-40. This requires of us a level of selflessness, a sense of responsibility and a commitment to be our sisters and brother’s keepers looking out for the welfare of others and not just for ourselves. Individuals who refuse to get vaccinated and follow protocols have endangered our whole nation and they seem to forget that it is not just about them. The management of COVID19 is the responsibility of every citizen and resident who lives in this beloved country. Let’s be clear our individual rights must never override our collective social responsibility. We must work cohesively and not divisive.”

Most Rev Lawrence Nicasio, Roman Catholic Diocese: “The church believes taking the vaccine is the morally responsible thing to do. We thus call on every citizen and resident of our beautiful country to take responsibility by following protocols and to get vaccinated if medically able to do so. The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that vaccines save lives and prevent serious illness from the virus. Let us show our support for our medical staff  and those at the forefront of the efforts to defeat this pandemic by doing what is required of us, by doing the right thing as we witness in recent times the staff at our hospitals are beleaguered. They’re under tremendous stress and near breaking point.” 

Rt.Rev Philip Wright, Anglican Diocese: “The Belize Council of Churches is supportive of the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ recent actions to curb the unsustainable trauma this current reality has placed on our medical facilities and personnel. We believe these measures are to be the best interest of our nation and the people we serve. They offer us a viable path back to the normalcy we desire.”