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Church says yes to ICJ

The Belize Council of Churches has joined several organizations in Belize on a yes-vote for the ICJ.  The Government has also declared a yes-position and so has the former Foreign Minsiters of Belize with the exception of Eamon Courtenay.  The Churches’ declaration issued yesterday has created anger in some sectors as was expressed especially on social media.  Minister Patrick Faber, however, says he is happy at the churches’ decision.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber: “Very happy that the church has made its position known. I am very happy that that position is a yes position and I am hoping that the faithful who followed these denominations will also find it fit to examine because I am completely against those entities that follow just because the leadership follows.”

Last month, the People’s United Party, PUP, declared a no position on taking the dispute to the ICJ. Other organizations like the Belize Peace Movement and the Belize Territorial Volunteers have also taken a no position on taking the dispute to the ICJ.