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Church Senator supports Budget

Also contributing to the budget debate was Pastor Henry Brown who temporarily represented the Churches as Senator Ashley Rocke’s alternate. In his presentation, Senator Brown praised government’s infrastructural achievement while also questioning Government’s focus on women and children. 

Senator Ashley Rocke: “I’ve heard a lot today bout the budget and some of its discrepancy but I believe it’s just right to remind ourselves today that a budget is a tool. A tool by which we measure where we want to go, what we want to achieve and what we want to accomplish. As has been stated by our prime minister and by members of this house today, our country is facing today some serious financial times but I want to look at first of all, the infrastructure on pages 171 to 176 and I must daresay, as I look at these figures and estimates that has been presented, it is commendable. I also looked primarily, and this is another area of concern to me, as you look at the crime situation, we look at the many social problems that our country is facing today, the crime, the violence and I look at the Human Resources and development on Page 149 to 155 and I see there, there are good things that have been put in place and will be put in place. But one of the things I see missing today and has been missing for all the years I have been an adult, I see there’s a focus on women, there’s a focus on children, there’s a focus on youths. But what happen to the men; aren’t the men important? Don’t the men face challenges today? This brings me to a very important issue where I believe that our holistic problem, is that as a nation, we’ve pointed fingers here and there all over the place but I think we need to look inside and say to ourselves, what have I done to contribute to what is happening today in Belize.”

With respect to the crime problem, Senator Brown says the churches stand ready to work with all parties to address the issue effectively and efficiently. As we mentioned yesterday, the Ministry of National Security says it stands ready to work with all factions of the society to address this matter.  The Ministry will embark on nationwide consultations with stakeholders to discuss, and share ideas and possible strategies to address the crime situation in Belize.