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Church Statue Set Afire in Northern Belize

Last night as some residents of Orange Walk Town were preparing for the traditional Ash Wednesday mass at La Inmaculada Church, news began spreading of a fire at the Church’s compound. According to reports a woman was outside the compound in front of a grotto that housed a statute of the Virgin Mary. What she did next was unexpected. The woman set the statue on fire and reportedly broke off the neck. Today, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, Inspector Nicolas Palomo told us that the woman is mentally challenged.


“Our officers reported to the scene of a  fire. A statue on the La Imaculada Church Compound was set of on fire. The church requested not to press any report, the person that was detained was released to a psychiatric nurse for treatment. She was released to her family and two psychiatric nurses.”


“Can you tell us whether or not this is the first time this person has behaved in such a manner?”


“This is the first time.”