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Churches disapprove of this year’s Tenth Celebration

Today, the Belize Council of Churches issued a release expressing its quote “dismay” over the decision to hold the September tenth parade, in observance of the Battle of St. Georges’ Caye, on Sunday. While the Council is not opposed to celebrating the tenth, they are protesting the celebration being held on the Sunday. In its release it states, quote,

“While this is the date of one of our national holidays, it is primarily and foremost a Sunday, the Lord’s Day – the day of the week set aside for the majority of Christians in Belize to worship in their respective congregations… the organizers this year did not see it fit to uphold a long-held tradition and understanding between Church and State, that secular celebrations that fall on a Sunday will be observed on the Monday.” The Council adds that it the event undermines “our belief as a God-fearing nation …and…the need to keep Sunday worship as an integral part of our religious tradition and heritage”. It indicates that they have received assurances that steps will be taken to avoid a reoccurrence of the situation. Still, the Council is calling Belizeans to avoid the parade and attend service at their respective congregations.