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Churches prepare for Festival of Hope

The Festival Hope of Belize is coming to the BTL Park in Belize City in July 22. Dan King, the lead coordinator of the Belize Festival of Hope has spoken in over sixty nations to a total of over two million people and has taught people around the word the secrets of life, love, health happiness and success with God.

Dan King – Coordinator

“On July 22nd 2017 we will conduct the Belize Festival of Hope. It will take place at BLT park from 10am until 10pm and we want to invite you to participate. We are inviting some of the top music artists from around the world to come to this festival. One music artist is from Jamaica he is one of the top reggae music artists his name is Papa San, the other music artist is Evan Kraft he is a very famous Spanish artist. So at this event it’s going to be absolutely free and its going to be open to every single person in Belize.

The festival will feature music, extreme sports, a strength team, dances, dramas and games for children. King invites everyone to come out and take part in the activities.

Dan King – Coordinator

“We are going to be doing activities for every single age group in this city. We are going to have a children’s fiesta for all the kids, we are going to have a youth concert for the young people. We are going to be having a women’s conference, we are going to be having a special pastor’s dinner. We are also going to be doing a parade right through the center of town. In addition to all this we are also going to be giving away to the poor children of Belize. We are bringing in over 270,000 meals that we will give free of charge to the children.

In the week before the festival, a visiting team of young people from the United States and Costa Rica will conduct a similar event in the major municipalities.