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Churches Welcome Public Morality Commission

The Public Morality Commission … the announcement of its formation has caused quite a stir in the court of public opinion.  It is a body that is being put together to look at various areas including the Gender Policy with an aim at revising what is agreed upon.  The commission will be made up of several representatives of the various churches.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained what the commission really is and how it will work.


Bishop Philip Wright of the Anglican Church weighed in on the matter of public morality, saying that they are a very interested party in looking at the issues.


As for the Methodist Church, Reverend Roosevelt Papouloute has endorsed the forming of the commission.


The commission is meeting on September 26 in Belize City to work on its terms of reference.  Among the members are the Catholic, Evangelical, BAEC, the National Evangelical Association of Belize, the Methodist Church and the Alliance Group.