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CIBC First Caribbean International Bank holds fundraising initiative for Cancer Society

A fundraiser for cancer is being planned by the CIBC First Caribbean International Bank.  It is an annual event, as we hear from Sandra Mahler of Bel-Caribe Communications.

Sandra Mahler, Representative Bel Caribe Communications

“CIBC First Caribbean everywhere helps the Belize Cancer Society in raising funds for the cause. This year we are going to do a scavenger hunt where you can sign up, $25 dollars to sign up a group. Your group can be up to five members and on that day you go around and look for items that will be selected. It’s a fun event but it’s a way that we used to raise funds for the Belize Cancer Society and its cause. When they come to the BelCan branch they will be given a list of things that they will go and find within the city and as soon as they find all of it they come back and they receive grades and points and we decide a winner from there. It’s raising funds for the cause in a fun way.

Renee Trujillo, Love  News

“So these items could range from what?”

Sandra Mahler, Representative Bel Caribe Communications

“These items are easily found and you’ll find them within the city it can be from a pencil to a little pin that you would normally have in your bag, it’s nothing hard.”

 Registration is currently ongoing at either the bank’s office or Bel-Caribe Communications.