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Cinderella Taxi Mad Men

The Cinderella Plaza Taxi Association in Belize City is in a bit of turmoil over fees owed to the Belize City Council. The fees have not been paid for years and the cab drivers are worried that they could lose their licenses or access to the Plaza area. Philip Martinez, one of the area taxi men said they tried to dialogue with City Hall, but got no results.

Phillip Martinez, Taxi man: “Some of the guys said that they wouldn’t pay the union because when the opposing side won it would be a free launch. But we went and we had a meeting with the present mayor. He said that he would cut it down to $10 a month. So we agreed with that but they say that we have arrears behind from the old. So we are trying to dialogue with this new mayor in terms of how much we have so we can pay to keep the flow going.”

Reporter: How much are they saying the group owes total?

Phillip Martinez, Taximan: “Alright they gave us a new release about two days ago and it stated that we owe $5,000 on our behalf. Well we figured it out that that is not accurate. So that’s why….”

Reporter: You wanted to dialogue and a meeting.

Phillip Martinez, Taxi Man: “With the meeting and then we came with our reports of what we have and then we could go from there. Last week we made an appointment with the City Council and they told us to go there at 10 o’clock. We sat down for about two and a half hours, when we got there they said they were in a meeting so we said okay we will wait. Up to today the meeting is done and nobody came back to get in touch with us.”

Reporter: Are you afraid you’re going to use your license or they are going to close down Cinderella Plaza ? What is it that you want?

Phillip Martinez, Taximan: “Well we are in a union body, that is why we want to dialogue with this because we are hearing all kinds of things from everybody that if we don’t do what we have to do they will close us down.”