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CitCo assists residents in need

With food to put on the table and bills to pay, many families are being stretched thin as they prepare for the new school year.  In an effort to lighten the financial load of these families, the Belize City Council has teamed up with Sisters and Brothers in Christ Ministry, a Christian organization, based in Florida, to provide some much-needed school supplies.  The four-day “Back to School Pantry Program” is being held at Swift Hall in Belize City. Dr. Candice Pitts, Councilor with responsibility for Women and Children said that today they are reaching out to the residents of Freetown, Mesopotamia, and Collet constituencies.

Dr. Candice Pitts – Councilor with responsibility for Women and Children: “Last year was the first year that we were able to partner with them to provide five hundred or so bookbags, pantry, including footwear, hygiene products to the residence of Belize City that was most in need of those services. This year the program has expanded so we are able to provide close to eight hundred book bags, pantry including footwear and hygiene products again to all ten constituencies in the city.”

Brenda August, the Organizer of the Sisters and Brothers in Christ Ministry said they are delighted to be serving the people of Belize.

Brenda August –  Organizer of the Sisters and Brothers in Christ Ministry : “Our hope is to meet the people where they are, we wanted to help the children of Belize because I remember one time as a child here in Belize I was basically in the same position where we did not have necessities to go back to school with and things like that so my heart is here for my country and I just want to give back.”

Love news spoke to two of the children who were happy to be receiving the school supplies.

Child 1: “I am here to receive the things that they have provided for me.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “How did you learn about it?”

Child 1: “My uncle got notes for me, brought it to me and told me about it.”

Child 2: “Ms. Pitts came to our summer school and she invited us to come and be a part of the ceremony. Yes, mam, I am excited, I am excited.”  

Residents from ten constituencies are expected to receive supplies.