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CitCo: bobcat still remains missing

Earlier this month, a special audit was conducted by the Belize City Council and it was discovered that three pieces of heavy duty machinery were missing.  Following the discovery, the Council made several inquiries including writing the Ministry of Finance trying to locate the equipment. Shortly after, two of the three pieces of equipment were returned. Deputy Mayor, Oscar Arnold, told the media that the bobcat is still missing.

Oscar Arnold, Deputy Mayor of Belize City: “At the mayor’s desk we’ve received a memo outlining an analysis of the ones that we got in in a state of disrepair, some of the repairs that were done on the bulldozer were just done roughshod, not done to any technical specification; we got it without any diesel, any fluids in there, everything was taken out – there was no battery. So that is the update on the bulldozer. We understand also that the other piece of equipment which is the bobcat is being repaired somewhere in Unitedville. We’ve received since then a lot of residents calling in with pictures and videos of the bobcat being used to clear land in Lord’s Bank and even up in Unitedville. The Ministry of Finance has wrote to us ‘you know when we paid for the equipment everything then was turned over to the Belize City Council. So the responsibility really lies on the municipal body to find out exactly what has happened here.’ They’ve provided copies of emails and correspondents that were sent back and forth and that is how we have the listing of equipments.”

Arnold said that the bobcat was seen at two locations managed by Minister Anthony Martinez.