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CitCo & businesses collaborate to boost the economy

The Belize City Council embarked on an initiative with local businesses with the aim of boosting the economy via consumer satisfaction and business sales.  The event was on Saturday in downtown Belize City.  Love News stopped by and spoke with Hubert Pipersburgh, the Economic Development Manager at Belize City Council.

Hubert Pipers burgh Economic Development Manger Belize City Council: “The mayor and the council felt that if we can do something to encourage or to promote business for the local business downtown we should try to do it so we came up with the idea of this super sale zone where we got all the business together and we said okay can you guys provide incentives in terms of discounts and sale opportunities so that we can encourage the Belizean residence of our City to come down and spend some money and as an alternative to say going to Chetumal or Melture.”

The stores were offering from twenty percent to fifty percent discount on a wide variety of items. Mario Lopez, the General Manager at Dibary said that his store has been flooded with customers since the doors opened this morning.

Mario Lopez General Manager Dibary: “From 8 o’clock we open our doors, it has been so so impressive, we team up with Belize City Council. Actually they came up with the idea a couple weeks ago and the Mayor was here taking a little tour of the city and he spoke to us and our response was like yes let’s do this and this is not a one Saturday event, it will be every last Saturday of each month so it’s a great idea to bring back some life to the Southside and give something back to the clients.”

The area was packed with window shoppers and consumers alike.  While many shied away from the camera, we managed to get this one woman’s reaction to the event.

Customer: “They have good stuff, I just came here and found something nice and it’s a nice price so I would encourage people to come out and to buy. I encourage that they have more like this again because people can get  bargains and maybe people that can’t afford to buy a pair of shoes like normal they can come out and get it at a cheaper price.”

This is a commercial strategy that the council intends to initiate at the end of every month.