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Citco commits to new child friendly strategy

The Child Friendly Municipalities were introduced in 2014, to ensure that children have a voice. In this regard, each municipality has a functional child advisory body to ensure that children issues are addressed. The Belize City Council is looking at ways to continue to make the municipality child friendly. As a result, the Belize City Technical Steering Committee and the Child Advisory Board held a meeting today to decide on a way forward. Love News spoke with Kay-De Vaughn, the Project Manager for the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities who said that they are authenticating the municipality’s strategic plan.

Kay-De Vaughn – Project Manager, Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities:  Our objective is make sure that they have a guide to work towards and so today what we are doing is that we are evaluating their strategic plan. We have already done the strategic plan completely; completed the strategic plan in seven municipalities and we have validated the one for Punta Gorda so today we are validating the one for Belize City’s plan and the objective and the goal is that; it has direct link to the National Children Agenda and so we want to tie it in here for the council so they have a guide in terms of picking what they want and what they believe is best of Belize City in terms of all the transformational goals and then they have a direct link and a guide in terms of this is what we need to do to ensure that our children are safe in Belize City. To ensure that we are working in a productive manner so that our municipality can be certified as child friendly. This morning we are certifying their strategic plan and then this afternoon what we are doing is that we are going to validate also their documentation for certification so we are putting together a plan from all nine municipalities to say that these are different objectives based on you strategic plan that you have to do in order to be certified as a child friendly municipality so in collaboration with the Unicef, the Belize Mere’s Association, The NCFC. We have committee and we would also like to select an assessment comity who would go out and check each municipality to make sure they are on track annually and until so that in three years time or in two years time in this first ten year they can be certified as child friendly.

Vaughn said that an assessment committee will visit the various municipalities to ensure that they are working towards their objective in a timely fashion.