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CitCo: Getting into the Christmas Spirit

The Belize City Council today started its twelve days of Christmas initiative. Today, December first, and for twelve working days after, the City Council staff will be doing twelve acts of charity in the City, says Mayor Darrell Bradley. This year the Council kick-started the event with a city tour for the elderly which was led by the Mayor himself.

Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City

“We’ve organized it around departments so this activity is being organized by the office of the mayor, the mayor himself and the councilors who are out here this morning and then our office staff and what we did is that we started the morning by taking the people from Sister Cecilia’s Home on a tour of Belize City so I was the tour guide myself and I gave them a guided tour. It was most of the streets of Belize City- that took us about an hour and a half and then a lot of them felt quite interested and enjoyed the idea just being out of the home and seeing how the city has changed over the last however long and then now we are coming here for lunch we have some snacks and then a turkey dinner prepared for them and then we have desserts and then, of course, we have Ernesto Bab and Ms. Shirley who is singing for them and just enjoying themselves. So the idea with the Twelve Days of Christmas is that wherever we are in life we can be of service to others. Its different activities to show that we can be of service and the different activities that the other staff members have organized revolve around sanitation programs, cleaning out people’s homes, going to schools having dinner and lunch with school children and just kind of doing simple things which we can do in our everyday life just to show that we are society that embraces compassion and service. Through acts of kindness and charity and through working together as a team and helping one another we can have our city transform and that’s the message with the Twelve Days of Christmas.”

This is the second year that the City Council is engaged in the initiative.