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CitCo holds groundbreaking ceremony for new park

Today, the Belize City Council held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new park that the residents of the Lake Independence area will be able to enjoy.  Mayor Bernard Wagner told the media that having such a park in the area will help the residents’ quality of life.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “We are in the concept stage, we are in the floor plan stage and we are putting cost into those plans and when those costings are true and have been vetted and then we will look at contracts. You can see from here we do have food kiosk areas, we have a stage because we want the people in the residence in the area to have their little variety shows, their little programs, Christmas programs, we have a barbecue area, seating area. You notice also that there is a lot of green, we wanted to ensure that we have some level of greenery in the area but overall we will have barbecue stands where people on a Sunday afternoon the residence in the area could come out and do their barbecue and bring their families out a really family oriented park.”

The contract has not yet been put out to tender.