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CitCo indebted to Belize Waste Control

The Belize City Council remains indebted to Belize Waste Control. Mayor Bernard Wagner said that it is a problem which they inherited from the past administration and they are working to resolve the situation.

Bernard Wagner Mayor of Belize: “We are facing some financial challenges obviously but we are committed to ensuring that we keep up to date as best as possible. We are working to ensure that we have a good relationship with the people at Waste Control. It is unfortunate that we are in this position and it has always, it’s something we have inherited, we are not shying away from it but we will deal with it. We found the system unpaid, it’s in receivables, it’s in our receivable books, we found it that way, we have been trying to keep up as best as possible and like told you before we face some financial challenges but nothing we can’t get out of.”

Reporter: Any arrears at this time?

Bernard Wagner Mayor of Belize: “There is arrears.”