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CitCo recovered missing equipment

A special audit was conducted by the Belize City Council and three pieces of heavy duty machinery were discovered missing. It was reported that the equipment were a part of a fleet that was given to the Belize City Council in 2015.  Love News spoke with Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold, who said that the Ministry of Finance had purchased the equipment on behalf of the previous council. However, the equipment was never delivered.  Upon making the discovery, the Council wrote the Ministry of Finance inquiring about the equipment. This afternoon, Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold confirmed to Love News that two of the three pieces of equipment were returned.

Oscar Arnold Deputy Mayor: Our Works Manager at about maybe according to 11 this morning received a call from someone telling him that they will deliver or they can pick up two piece of the three equipments that were missing so he had gone ahead and made the arrangements to do so. At about 1:30 today; the bulldozer and the trailer was delivered to the Works department on mile 4 at the George Price Highway. I can confirm for sure where they were located prior. I have tasked the Works Manager to go ahead and write up a report to do an analysis of the machine, wether they are working; what condition they are in and also to try to provide the name of the individual that took the machines over there to the works compound.

Arnold said that the two pieces of equipment are being assessed to determine their condition.  While Arnold would not confirm where the equipment was located, we understand it was in a property belonging to a Minister of Government.