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CitCo says September bram will be hype

Many Belizeans are looking forward to the September tenth celebrations, which is scheduled to take place during the long weekend. The activities include the official tenth ceremony, the parade, and the September bram. Hubert Pipersburgh, Communications Manager for the Belize City Council told us that the venue for the bram is the Battlefield Park and sufficient security will be on site.

Hubert Pipersburg Communications Manager: “I know crime has been a big issue in the city of late and people might be concerned that if they come out to such a public event that they might not be as safe but we are going to have enough security there from our local constables and also to the Police department so I think once people come out it is going to be a very safe venue and bear in mind we want to make it a family event and you can bring your children and we want to make sure that everyone to be safe and we want everyone to have security so that we can ensure that the public once they come out that environment that they are going to be in is safe to enjoy this historic event. They can expect to have a excellent time because we are going to have all the usual celebrations that people love such as artist such like TR Shine, Houston Alvarez, Echo.”

The activities begin from ten in the morning and runs up until six o’clock in the evening.