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CitCo set the record straight

The Belize City Council held a press conference to set the record straight as it relates to its cemetery workers. Earlier this week, the Christian Workers Union (CWU) voice its displeasure with the Belize City Council after the Council denied their representatives access to a meeting which concerns the union members who work for the Council. The CWU considered the Council’s action disrespectful and a form of union busting. At today’s press conference, Mayor Bernard Wagner said it was not union busting.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “We went about that meeting and none of the staff questioned the presence of any union representative. They were quite receptive in the meeting we had a very good and productive meeting so the charge of union busting is far from what the council stands for. This PUP City Council, the PUP actually founded on the backs of unionism so clearly that charge to me is really way ahead of us- that is not in our DNA.”

Wagner added that the matter of the cemetery staff’s subsistence has been resolved.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: Everybody’s being paid, everybody is being paid the subsistence we worked that out from the last meeting I had with them. They had some issue to the best of my knowledge that they wanted instead of getting the food they just wanted the subsistence in hand and we have worked that out we’ve said we’ll give you in hand that is where we stand with that matter. You get in a room with your employer you work it out and you move on.”

The collective bargaining agreement between Belize City Council and CWU’s members expires later this year. However, there was not any indication from Wagner as to when it will be renewed.