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CITCO surprises patients in neonatal unit

The Belize City Council was engaged in a number of activities as they held their annual 12 days of Charity to bring Christmas cheer to those in the community. It kicked off on December 1, with the Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley taking a group of senior citizens from the Sister Cecilia Home on a tour of the city. Today, the activities culminated with three activities, one of which was giving gifts to the children at the Pediatric Ward of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Love News spoke with Councillor Dion Leslie.

Dion Leslie, City Councillor: “Everyone who was employed by the Office of the Mayor they decided to come to KHMH and do the pediatric ward ot have some music, have gifts for all the children who are here and to bring joy to them while in the hospital. Some may stay past Christmas, some may come out before Christmas but we are still here to spread joy, it is the season of giving and your Belize City Council we’ve become experts in giving back every year.”

Leslie spoke about some of the activities that the Council embarked on during their 12 days of charity program.

Dion Leslie, City Councillor: “We visited various places of course we started with Sister Cecilia home, we’ve done various schools; Stella Maris, Calvary Temple, St.John’s Vianney and we throughout we’ve been giving back toys, bringing joy, music, just bringing that joy and love and good feeling back to the holidays and we always say that the council has to be cognisant of its softer side and this is one of those sides that we show comes every Christmas. Some people may not be able to experience Christmas how they would want to so we try to as best as we can bring that to them every year.”

Leslie said that the Council’s charity program was well received by the community.