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CitCo to host Accountability & Transparency Workshop

December 9, will mark one year since Belize signed onto the United Nation’s Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) making it the one-hundred-eighty-fourth country to sign the convention.  Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley said that to commemorate the occasion, the City Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government will be hosting a workshop on Accountability and Transparency on December 6.

Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City

“We just wanted to brief members of the media that the city council is hosting a training session on accountability and transparency and this will be held at the Radisson Fort George on December 6th. This is an all day session which will feature presentations from various entities within Belize who are responsible for ensuring the appropriateness of government business including the presentations from the Auditor General’s department, presentation from the Integrity Commission, presentations from  the Ombudsman; we will also be talking about leadership and accountability as a facet of effectiveness and one of the reasons why the council decided to do this in coordination and collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and the Belize Mayor’s Association is that we are mindful of the one year anniversary of the Government of Belize signing onto the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and we believe that its a big step for the country. A lot of times when we focus on accountability and transparency we focus on the issue that one individual person has done wrong- that’s a good part of it but I think on a whole we need to discuss systemic ways of improving overall the performance of government and that is the spirit of the training.”

Even though, Belize signed onto UNCAC, it still has not been implemented. The UNCAC implementation falls under the Attorney General’s Office and earlier this month, Love News asked the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, why UNCAC has not yet been implemented. According to Peyrefitte, Haiti and Tuvalu have been assigned to assess Belize after which they will make recommendations that Belize needs to make to fully comply with UN standards. After all, that is done, only then will UNCAC be implemented.