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CitCo wants Memorial Park to Pulsate with Activities

The Memorial Park has been remodeled with kiosks, which is a partnership between the Belize City Council and the Belize Tourism Board.  Mayor Bradley explained that the intention is to attract businesses so that the park will pulsate with activities.

Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City

“One of the challenges we have had both BTB and ourselves is how we let Memorial Park be the focal point and one of the concerns that were raised in a series of public consultations with vendors in the area is that the booths that were existing in the park could not adequately accommodate the type of vending needs. So that it was felt that the booths needed to be renovated and so what was done is that the original booths that were in the park which were very small, which were painted grey, which made you think of a dreary day and rain coming down so that the idea is that we would renovate that entire area and again this is through the generosity of BTB in partnership with the Belize City Council. What you are doing is creating a focal point in the base of the park with these kiosks so that you are going to have a craft market or a craft community. A major player in this is the LED unit of the Belize City Council led by Ms. Barbara Elrington. She is actually looking at how you create a cluster of craft activities there.  You would notice that there are vendors behind Mirab and the idea is we want to move those vendors form behind Mirab into those booths. We want to encourage the foot traffic from the existing Cruise Port into Memorial Park.”

The renovation of the Memorial Park cost six million dollars and it was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.