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CitCo willing to work with Immigration and Police to combat Human Trafficking

It has been reported that a number of criminals tend to conduct their activities in Belize. In 2012, an international terrorist, Rafi Mohammed Labboun Allaboun, from Lebanon was arrested in Mexico and it was discovered that he had a Belizean passport.  Belize continues to be used as a transshipment and a destination point for crimes such as Human Trafficking.  This crime has been known to take place at establishments such as bars which get their license to operate from the Belize City Council. Love News asked the Deputy Mayor, Oscar Arnold, what steps the council intends to take to address the problem.

Oscar Arnold – Deputy Mayor of Belize City 

“As far as the Human Trafficking goes which is a much more serious offence will need to be looked at along with the Immigration Department, and the Police Department. We are saying that it is an enforcement issue meaning that these business owners who conduct these type of business know that there is a very small amount of enforcement that is being done and that is the reason why they feel that it is okay to get away with whatever infractions that they are doing. We are saying that if enforcement becomes more regular and these cases are then sent before the court; we will see a drastic decrease in these type of offences.”

Arnold said the council intends to work with other departments to address the situation.


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