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CitCo working to fix manholes

The open manholes around Belize City have been an issue for some time now and even though the previous council had signed a contract to remedy the situation, the manholes remain a problem. Mayor Bernard Wagner shared with the media how his administration is addressing this problem.

Bernard Wagner Mayor of Belize: “When we came what we found a contract to build a certain number of manholes but for some reason or the other that contract was not completed. I am uncertain as to why it was not completed. We were able to touch base with the individual and spoke to the individual telling him listen we need the other man holes covered and we know that you have completed quite a number of them so we were able to reach out to that person and we got those manhole coverings from them because we feel that it is important. Listen man everyday somebody is falling into those manholes. The Council is facing a lot losses. A lot of people are coming to us and they demand payment for injury, medical expenses and we need to address that so my Works Councilor continues to work with the Works Department to ensure that we get this manhole covering behind us. We are working to complete it, which is in our agenda, we need to complete it and we can’t have our residence being put at risk so we are committed to ensuring that we complete all the manhole coverings.”