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Citing Political Interference as a Culture Is Not Enough

In an interview on Monday, February 20 with Immigration Minister, Godwin Hulse he spoke of three persons he had sent before the Public Services Commission after irregularities were found.  The trio, however, faced no repercussions and the PSC sent them back to their offices.  Former PUP Senator, Lisa Shoman is one who has been advocating for measures to be taken against the corruption at immigration and today, we asked her to weigh in on the actions of the PSC when Minister Hulse attempted to have staff members disciplined.


In yesterday’s inquiry session, Immigration Officer, Gordon Wade who has been working in that department for twenty two years noted that political interference has been happening for years under both political parties.  It is a culture that undoubtedly needs to stop but how can it be stopped.  Shoman also weighed in on this aspect.


The corruption in the immigration department has now lend to suspicions that the 2012 elections may have been tipped due to voter fraud.